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This student is pursuing her 3rd year undergraduate in a Physiotherapy college in Perundurai, Erode district college. She initially wanted to become a doctor; however, she did not clear NEET. Although she was upset, she was quick to follow her advice from a relative that physiotherapy would be a suitable course as she could serve the health needs of people through this training too. 

Fees for the first year of the course was paid by the family taking jewel loans. However, they have not been able to gather funds for the second year.

The student and her parents live in a small house, with a monthly rent of Rs. 2700. They share a bathroom with a few houses nearby.

The father does part-time jobs in cotton factories in the area and also struggles with alcoholism. The mother works for daily wages in t-shirt manufacturing units.


For her 2nd year, Aalayam has helped her. She scored well in her exams and the feedback from their staff is good.

For this year, Aalayam has decided to raise funds of Rs. 30,000.


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